Project work

2004 – “Belinda Glava”, University of Bergen, Norway (film project planning, work, partial management, agreements and participation)

2005 – “Bergen Beat”, University of Bergen, Norway (historical and cultural project planning, partial management and participation)

2008 –  SSCW youth music project, SSCW (Basil Golikov), Tallinn, Estonia (cultural project planning and ideas)

2010 – “We are Family”, intercultural charity event for Haiti disaster support purpose, Tallinn, Estonia (project manager, art project idea owner, casting, director and participant)

2010 – “I don’t”, SCI Poland, Poznan, Poland (intercultural film project partial management, work and participation)

2008-2009 – “How I see the world in 50 years”, Olga Rozova & Ivo Loretz (partner) Tallinn, Estonia & Zurich, Switzerland (intercultural project idea owner, directing, agreements, management and participation)

2023 – Health project for √úlemiste City, FutuLab, Tallinn, Estonia (project idea’s (multiple) owner, work and participation)

2023 – “Meditation and Sleep”, Maya Satsang, Tallinn University,  Tallinn, Estonia, (research film project participant)

Other contributions

Work with children with different cultural background (different mental state incl. light autistic spectrum, pervasive disorders, dyslexia)

Participating in ISU (International student union, Bergen, Norway)

Work with elderly people with different cultural background (different mental state incl. alzgeimer, parkinson, cancer)

Volunteering experience

2002 – volunteering for Kirkens Bymisjon in Bergen, Norway, collecting donations

2009 – volunteering for Family Center in Tallinn, Estonia, support person for children

2009-2010 – volunteering for Pentecost Church in Tallinn, Estonia, barista work and co-working for cafe (food, decoration, cleaning)

2011 – volunteering for Allfilm project, Tallinn, Estonia (food, cleaning)