Inspiring Stories

“Music therapy had a positive effect. I got rid of the feeling of worry and now I’m much calmer and feel more balanced. I can respond better to my feelings and understand them better. I understand myself better, react more calmly to events in my daily life. Before the therapy, I had a closed feeling in my chest, I tried to control my emotions hardly and not to let them in/out or didn’t allow myself to experience them. The brain has tried to control and to analyze everything. With the help of therapy, I was able to reduce this control. Working through my inner fears, I let myself go and that closed feeling in my chest has disappeared. I feel open to new experiences and emotions. Thanks to therapy, I feel my heart is alive and reacts well to emotions, very intense feeling. A light feeling appeared throughout the whole body, especially in the chest. Working through my fears, I realized, that I created obstacles for myself. I knew, that I needed change, but didn’t knew where to start. Therapy helped me and opened me up a vision of what I need to change, do and where to move. I feel like a different person, as I was born again. I discover the world again through my heart and feelings.”

“She became bolder in self-expression, made new friends and likes to go to kindergarden, became calmer. Hysterical states are almost absent.”

“My dauther had developmental delay, speech issues, increased excitability. Sessions awakened in her craving for drawing and music. She learnt to express herself and became calmer.”

“Before the start of a therapy, I felt myself closed in my head. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t, I wanted to throw up, but couldn’t. My emotions were very hard. I could not understand, neither to accept why it happened to me. I had a feeling of a very strong hate to the society and people, who could help, support and prevent this what has happened, but didn’t do this. I wanted to scream, but I could not. During the therapy, I got a deeper contact with myself and my body, working deeply with my emotions and feeling through voice therapy with the help of gong music. Also, there has been much tactile contact to get a connection to own feelings, emotions and body and other human, to re-establish the feeling of trust. To add, we also made some shorter sessions in the water, altogether with breathing technics. With the help of a therapy, I feel myself as a new person, with a new life experience and much knowledge to go further and be stronger in every day. I’m forming my new world view and getting new experiences, sharing these with other people, looking to the world differently from another angle, but still keeping all the old experiences, which I want to keep. In addition, I got rid of much psychosomatics and developed my creative skills.”

“It was painful to me at first, as the rape experience I have was from my teenagehood. I had a block in my throat and many painful emotions. With the help of therapy, I got better contact with my body and feelings. I feel, that I got something, what I want to carry further with me.”

“Therapy has a positive effect, making to think differently and deeply about such situation happening in the society. I’m still bleeding, but I’m on my way further”. 

“I got much inspiration for furhter steps and a different angle for family life and time. I understood, what is important to me in that time and what is the most valuable. I take it with me.”

“I feel myself supported, important and loved.”

“I feel care, appreciating life.”

“I feel empathy, understanding of my situation, care and that is something very important to me and to this world to keep peace and to undestand the peace.”

“Feeling more positive and important, that someone needs me. Care and attention has risen me from the bed, when I didn’t want to stand up and do anything, nor to see anyone.”

“Feeling someone needs me, is supportive and caring, doesn’t matter if I smell or not, nor if I have teeth or am brushed with the hair-brush.”

“Still issues within relationships with woman, but feeling more confident about future, making plans, feeling more motivation and building up friendships.”

“Felt much better even just of a regular empathy and an interest, felt important and appreciated, that my life counts and someone is not indifferent for my situation.”

“Feeling better, changed some points of view about my mother and the issue I have. Got an inspiration to go my path further.”

“Expressed myself, got insight of my ego.”

“Got some new ideas and inspiration, which I can use furhter to develop my business.“

“Saved my life in an expromt trial session.”

“Feel myself ready to go further and work with the situations, opened during the sessions. Got more motivation and inspiration to share and to build relationships, to feel hapiness of everyday and enjoy food making.”

“Still having doubts, but I trust myself now on more higher level.”

“Got much thoughts about my life and appreciation of other people attention and trust, friendship building. My belief crisis is not over, but probably I will understand what is real for me on some particular point. Until then I’m not lost, but just doubt in the world created by me and other people, society.”

“Got the higher level of self-respect and self-confidence, sharing, and trusting. Might build new friendships.”

“Online support was short, but I got many thoughts for myself for my future.”

“Got expressed myself, as I thought my my own truth. But got some doubts now. Maybe will come back to the therapy.”

“Got a new insipration.”

“Got a kick and thoughts for the future for my doubts.”

“Got much strenght and ispiration to continiue my path. Not everything is clear, but I partly have understood, why I’m here.”

“I’m very thankful for the time and the input to my life. Got much hope and strength to continiue my life and a kick to understand the existance and my part of it.”

“Got many new insights and seen the things from the different angles. Maybe with a time I will learn to accept the good things from other people, and not to trust only myself.”

“Felt myself better, relaxed, supported and respected.”

“Feeling understanding and support, got an insight of who I am. Feel myself important.”

“Feeling irritated because of myself. Still cannot accept some points of my life and situations in it. I’m slowly coming to understanding, that my irritation and revenge for others is not their fail, but coming out of my mis-satisfaction by myself and my own life. I think I need to continiue the therapy to get a deeper reflection of myself, because I don’t see myself clearly.”

“For me it’s hard to change my mind. Need to learn to listen and express my feelings, not just to observe how others express their feelings, not to be behind the screen of my life. Need to stop to lie to myself. Got new ideas on how to develop the work and the business.”

“Got several insights about myself and other people, got many questions in my head, which I hope will be answered with a time. Got the ideas on how to build up the carriere and develop the ideas.”

“Got an interesting connection to the nature and got a feeling what life and happiness are in real. I will try to keep it, it might awaken me. Got new ideas how to build up the business.”

“Got it touch with my honesty and a kick to build up myself and to make decisions to change my life.”

“Very supportive and priceless! Saw multiple situations from another angle and changed.”

“I still have transference. I have realised some things, mentioned on the coaching session. Got an inspiration to develop the ideas for my business.”

“Got expressed myself, and been heard, at least partly. Learnt about my team-mates, trust and about myself. Got a base to move further.”

“Got new ideas to develop my business and to write a project.”

“Need some time to realize the effect of the therapy, as for me trust is something, what almost cannot be found in present world. It has changed so much. Due to my painful experiences, I cannot trust so easily. When trust is broken, it’s very hard to build it up again, also when someone goes over your personal border and to your personal space, without you allowing this. When I was a child, I was very open, but careful. At the moment I stay just careful and trying to hold my personal world for myself, not sharing that much with others on the trust level. I’m not sure, when it be changed. But I know, that I need trustful real connections and friendships.”